Lose 10% Workplace Wellness Toolkit


Are you looking for a new and more effective weight loss program for your employees?  One that stresses long term participation and helping people make changes that improve the possibility of losing and maintaining their weight loss?  An approach that does not encourage six or twelve or twenty weeks of unhealthy eating and exercise to lose the most weight only to put it back on after the contest ends?

Just Lose 10%  stresses the long term approach of losing weight and keeping it off. The goal is to lose and maintain the weight loss equal to 10% of your body weight. The impact of losing 10% has tremendous positive health implications and keeping it off magnifies that positive effect. This anti yo-yo diet approach allows a person to make permanent changes in their eating and exercise that increase the chances that weight loss, stays lost.  If people want to lose more that is great, but the incentives are for losing 10% and keeping it off.

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  A key component of the program is information shared with the participants on nutrition, exercise, stress, holiday binges, along with notes of encouragement from the project coordinator. The project starts with a weigh in and explanation of the lose 10% goal and a schedule of the quarterly weigh ins. Participants can skip a weigh in and continue with the program, weighing in next quarter. What is important is the reward if 10% is reached and maintained the next quarter.  Participants are encouraged to share ideas and things that have worked for them with the coordinator so they can in turn, share with other participants.

    Our Just Lose 10% kit includes everything you need to start this program in your organization.  This includes information on the medical value of losing 10%, weekly one page information sheets on various aspects of exercise, nutrition and other issues related to weight loss. They are colorful, focused, and can be printed with your company logo or e-mailed to participants. The kit also includes a scale that we found increases participation and gets people more engaged in their weight loss tracking success. The scale is a 7 function scale that allows participants to get their weight, % body fat, % muscle mass, resting metabolism rate, visceral fat level and body age. As with any scale nothing is 100 percent accurate but this gives more data and forms log numbers so as weight is lost, participants see improvements in other categories.  It makes it more fun and has participants looking up and having a better understanding of what visceral fat is and why you need a lower number.   Understanding weight loss is a valuable tool in learning how to keep the weight off.

Kit includes:   

  • scale and forms to log in results,
  • instructions on how to use the scale,
  • 52 weekly information handouts,
  • postings on 10% weight loss,
  • participant explanation of Just Lose 10% program and  “Be Well Informed”,
  • a monthly one page wellness newsletter that you can customize.

 The cost of the kit is $159.00. In subsequent years, new weekly articles for weight loss participants and 12 issues of Be Well Informed can be purchased for $59.00.